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Character Name Class Base/Job Level Guild ▲ Map ▲
Fitzroy High Wizard 500/120 *~Suicide Squad~* amatsu
joey69 Professor 500/120 Artificial Intelligence amatsu
----False---- High Wizard 500/120 Basurahan prt_sewb2
Erwin Rommel High Wizard 500/120 CJIaB9He amatsu
Drs AssCros Csr Assassin Cross 500/120 Dispersion payon
Cynosure Lord Knight 500/120 Egg amatsu
Uncle Lim Super Baby 500/140 Genting amatsu
Panenka Champion 500/120 Kraken amatsu
Kiro Sniper 500/120 La Casa De Pota amatsu
` T o K y O ` Creator 500/120 La Casa De Pota amatsu
~Yusuke urameshi~ Assassin Cross 500/120 La Casa De Pota amatsu
Meri Kurisumasu High Wizard 500/120 Lemon Tree prt_sewb2
xDracZ - Assassin Cross 500/120 Pain amatsu
Nyzrogh Sniper 500/120 ScoundreI amatsu
Trishxie Lord Knight 500/120 - amatsu
MCGI-CARES High Wizard 500/120 - prt_sewb2
wfvevqvq High Wizard 500/120 - prt_sewb2
-Demi-Human- High Wizard 500/120 - prt_sewb2
Extra Big Mouse High Wizard 500/120 - prt_sewb3

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