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Character Name Class Base/Job Level Guild Map
cookie crumble Assassin Cross 500/120 - payon
Joichiro Assassin Cross 500/120 Domination` amatsu
D u P a n 9 Sniper 500/120 Anytime amatsu
*Kroy Whitesmith 500/120 R e t r o amatsu
Tomomi-chan Champion 500/120 No Entry amatsu
Selvaria Creator 500/120 Nautical-Express amatsu
Lord Knight Flow G Lord Knight 500/120 Azuul amatsu
Sofia Leinne Baby Priest 500/120 Defianceee amatsu
adiMERCY Creator 500/120 Checkmate amatsu
zZaNgz Assassin Cross 500/120 iRO Loki amatsu
Slicksilog Sniper 500/120 No Entry amatsu
SIurpee Stalker 500/120 711 amatsu
`mArOzuKi Assassin Cross 500/120 BOSSHunt amatsu
Voronwe Assassin Cross 500/120 No Entry odin_tem03
Funisher xD Stalker 500/120 Weirdo` amatsu
Baby-fiz Baby Hunter 500/120 Kraken amatsu
DannyX Assassin Cross 500/120 Most VaIuable Player niflheim
DareDEvilE Assassin Cross 500/120 R e t r o amatsu
BrokeAsHell Whitesmith 500/120 Felicity amatsu
-Edward Cullen- High Wizard 500/120 Housan amatsu
Puddlepop Assassin Cross 500/120 Most VaIuable Player gon_dun03
KingS03 Assassin Cross 500/120 No Entry cmd_fild05
Falopita Champion 500/120 Azuul amatsu
dAiAnApO Assassin Cross 500/120 Retarded- gon_dun03
[LK] - Bubur Diesel Lord Knight 500/120 Kraken hfame
Jesus Son of God Lord Knight 500/120 No Entry amatsu
Leah Gotti ` Lord Knight 500/120 For Adults Only amatsu
Cause Of Death Baby Acolyte 500/90 - amatsu
Admiral-Akainu Champion 500/120 Premium Donation amatsu
xLegolas Gunslinger 500/120 - amatsu
Boy Garlic Soul Linker 500/120 - hugel
ivezPreskO Assassin Cross 500/120 BOSSHunt amatsu
Angrily Throwin Objects Creator 500/120 - hfame
Brian Mendoza Champion 500/120 - amatsu

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