Donation Information

Please read before donating!

Donation Information

Here is some information you need to know about Donations.

- Donations are made in US Dollars (USD).
- 1 USD = 3 Donation Credits.
- PayPal is the only form of payment accepted.
- The 'Information' button on the 'Make a Donation' screen will bring you here.
- Please read our Donation Terms of Service before donating.

Why donate?

Donations keep Blackout Ragnarok Online running. Most importantly, they pay for the hosting of the server. Money will go towards services our in-house developers cannot provide. Website design, sprite design and advanced coding are often positions requiring a high level of expertise and experience.

We have set the following goals for ourselves, in terms of where and how we'd like to direct the money:

- Two years of guaranteed server life - our first primary objective is to raise enough money through donations to guarantee the server two unconditional years of life. Basically, this means if ever the money situation falls into the negatives, we can guarantee at least two years of life.
- Custom content - we aim to bring you new, interesting things to explore, a lot of which will not follow the official Ragnarok Online timeline. In 90% of cases, we will look to keep development in-house, but sometimes there are things we cannot do, and have to venture to other communities.
- Marketing - when businesses determine success, they often look at profit. We will always define our profit in terms of active players. Marketing is not a cheap activity, but we will always put it at the forefront of costs to drive the server forward.
- Donation of overages (surplus) to charity - assuming donations are going well, we'd love to be able to give money back to communities in the form of charitable donations.

As a token of gratitude, you will be credited with Donation Credits, which can be exchanged for items and various goods.

Where does my money go?

The first thing to be made clear is you are NOT buying digital goods or services, and in the end, somebody is profiting off the money donated. Whether it is our hosting service or development or design fees, things cost money.

Our policy amongst server officials is transparency. We will do our best to disclose certain information regarding donations.

Am I not just paying to win?​

We, the Staff Team, have made a concerted effort to avoid the inclusion of items with useful effects in the Donation Credit Store list. The store mostly consists of costume headgears.

How to donate?​

1. Firstly, be sure to read our Donation Terms of Service.
2. Login to the Control Panel:
3. Click 'Make a Donation'.
4. Enter the amount of money in US dollars you would like to donate. Click Confirm Donation Amount.
5. Click the 'Donate' button.
6. Login to PayPal.
7. Confirm donation.
8. Return to the 'Make a Donation' page to confirm your transaction has gone through. Please note that it may be up to 24 hours before your account is credited, but in most cases it will be credited within 15 minutes.

You can now head to the Item Redeeming Services NPC at amatsu 241 214 and choose 'Claim Donation Credits'.

I didn't receive my credits!​

Accounts are credited instantly in most cases, however, in unusual circumstances it could take hours for the process to complete. If it has been more than 4 hours since your donation was sent, please file a ticket explaining your situation. Remember to follow the provided format in the pinned thread.

Available Items For Exchange​

Available items can be reviewed here on our Wiki: Click here

There are many items only available for certain time periods which may not be listed.

Donation Bonuses​

For donations $20 and above, we add an extra amount of Donation Credits to thank you for your generosity. We don't expect anyone to donate the higher amounts, but we added them for the rare instances they do happen (we really appreciated them!). Here are the tiers:

- $20-49: Additional [(Donated Amount / 10) - 1]
- $50-69: Additional (Donated Amount / 10)
- $70-99: Additional (Donated Amount / 9)
- $100-149: Additional (Donated Amount / 8)
- $150+: Additional (Donated Amount / 7)

If you haven't logged in since April 24 2020, you will need to reset your password.