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#1630: Release of Wish

Item ID 1630 For Sale No
Identifier Release_Of_Wish Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Release of Wish Type Weapon
NPC Buy 20 Weight 50
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 3
Range 1 Defense 0
Slots 0 Refineable Yes
ATK 30 Min Equip Level 50
MATK 0 Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations Main Hand
Equip Upper Normal / Upper / Baby / Third / Third Upper / Third Baby
Equippable Jobs Mage / Wizard / Sage / Soul Linker
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Item Use Script

1 bonus bMatkRate,15; bonus bInt,3; bonus bHealPower,5; autobonus "{ bonus2 bSPRegenRate,100,2000; bonus2 bHPRegenRate,50,2000; }",10,10000,BF_MAGIC,"{ specialeffect(EF_HEAL, AREA, playerattached()); }";

Equip Script None
Unequip Script None

Release of Wish Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Release of Wish Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
1882 Baba-Yaga 10% 49 Demi-Human Level 1 Water