Control Panel | BlackoutRO

Welcome to your Control Panel! Here you can perform various actions in relation to game accounts.

Register a new account: Click the 'Register New Account' button in the sidebar menu to begin the registration process.

Recover account password: Have you forgotten your password? Use the 'Recover Existing Account' button in the sidebar menu.

Recover account name/email: Did you forget your account name or email? A Staff Member will be happy to assist its recovery. File a support ticket at our forum - [click here]

Make a Donation: Support the server by making a donation! Please register or login to donate.

Castle Owners: See which guilds own castles.

Ranking Ladders: View Battlegrounds, Emperium Breaker, Guild and PvP ranking ladders.

Vending List: View the list of active in-game vendors.

Item/Mob Databases: Search our Item and Mob databases.

If you haven't logged in since April 24 2020, you will need to reset your password.